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100 Themes Challenge

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11:05 pm
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10:34 am
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7:41 am
Nov 19, 2014
10:21 am
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Rainbow Support STAMP by AomiArmster Support the Rainbow by Kohaku0827 Rainbow Heart by skinnyveestamp Rainbow Love Stamp by Mirz123 Rainbow Roses Stamp by ClefairyKid STAMP: Pastel Rainbow by Crystal-Moore Nail Varnish Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Rainbows Stamp by mxlove A Spectrum of Syringes by vasselli :thumb63004304: - N - E - O - N - by skinnyveestamp :thumb63006537:


1,178 deviations
Saving Light (Genre Bookmarks: Fantasy) by Yutaki
Saving Light (Genre Bookmarks: Fantasy)
The first finished Genre Bookmark!
There will be a total of 18 Bookmarks, all for different Book, Comic & Video Game Genres ^0^
So for I outlined most of them and also did the Flat Colors of my favorite Genre Sci-Fi.
However I still have a looong way to go, but since the format is actually a lot of fun I can't wait to finish them >w<
Coming Genres are:
Boy's Love
Girl's Love
P0rn (Except not really, since it's not explicit)
Fairy Tales
Daily Life
Cooking Book

Anything else you are dying to see?
Just tell me and I'll consider it ^0^

As for this Bookmark:
It was actually a lot of fun to draw, especially the colors owo I just love this color scheme, I really should use it more often uwu
However, compared to my usual poses I just can't help to feel like this is kinda... stiff... Even the face!
Well, whatever, I still like it ^.~

I now sell it laminated and with a thin satin-band and a matching pearl. It looks pretty cool like that >w<

Also, I am open for Commissions! If you want a picture by me with lots of effort and heart put into it, then just click on the picture below for a look at my prices (^0^)9
!*~Commissions 2k14 OPEN~*! (English) by Yutaki

Materials: Pencil, Eraser & Cheap Copy Paper (Sketch) Paint Tool SAI (Lineart & Color)
Time: Sorry, forgot!

I really hope you like it :heart:

Design © Me (Yutaki)
Saving Light (Art) © Me (Yutaki)

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Yutaki's Profile Picture
Anja Hermann
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
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Hello everybody! (^0^)/
This is my main and only DeviantArt Account, on which I post all of my finished Drawings.

I want to study Art as soon as I finish school, so I try my best to make my hobby to a profession. Considering this I try to improve on drawing every day and appreciate constructive criticism and suggestions very much (^w^)

But besides that I'm actually a pretty friendly and social girl, with a slight tendency for emotional outbreaks, though just of positive feelings (^.~)*

Feel free to write on my frontpage, if you ever want to know something or just feel like talking to me, I'd be happy (^0^)9

Have a good day~ <3

!*~Commissions 2k14 OPEN~*! (English)

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 21, 2014, 2:31 PM

Heart Commissions are OPEN Heart

Hello my dears! (^0^)/

I am opening Commissions for this year!
I can't wait to draw Commissions again, so far they have only been fun and it is great to put effort into something that is dear to other people's heart (>w<)

The Slots are limited as always so if you want something be fast about it ^.~
This year I won't make a fixed list of how many Slots I will have, this will depend on how big each Commission is and can range from 5 to 15 Slots.

So let's get going, here are the prices in American Dollars:

Digital Commissions:


Traditional Commissions:


Sketch Commissions:


If you want to commission me please fill out the Form below & message me on DeviantArt, Tumblr or Animexx. You can also write me a Mail to

Commission Form:

Other Details:
Payment Method:
Send it to:

Example Form:

Medium: Traditional Commission
Type: Normal (not Chibi)
Section: Waist-Up
Character: My OC Yuki (Link to Picture here)
Pose: Jumping in the Air
Expression: Cheering
Feeling: Joyful
Accessory: Her Plastic Sword
Background: Simple Pattern in Yellow
Other Details: I want her to look like she just fought with someone.
Contact: ImagineUsername (Deviantart Username) or
Payment Method: Paypal
Send it to: Mary Sue
Imaginary Street 1
Fantasy Town

(If you leave something to me just leave the answer blank)


What payment do you accept?
I do not accept Points and I probably never will.
If you are from outside Germany I only accept paypal.
German customers may pay by transfer.

How long does it take until my Commission is finished?
It depends on what Slot you get.
At max. it should take 2 months if you got the very last slot.
If you need your picture done fast then just tell me, I might have to take a few dollars more but I will get your picture done in time!
I will finish them as fast as I can but please always be patient, I also want to make them look as good as possible.

How much do you need to know about the character?
If you want a Fanart I just require the Name of the Character and the Series. I will look for informationen myself then.
If you want me to draw your OC I'd like to have a picture (if existing) and description of the characters personality and Background. It shouldn't be too short but no more than 15 minutes to read either.

If you have any question just ask away!

  • Mood: Adoration
  • Listening to: Demons by Imagine Dragons
  • Reading: Bad Tokyo Ghoul Fanfictions of Uta
  • Watching: Random Documentations
  • Playing: Dangan Ronpa School Mode on PS Vita
  • Eating: Toast
  • Drinking: Tea

Journal History

What of the following ideas whould you like me to draw and sell? 

4 deviants said Genre Bookmarks (Bookmarks for different Manga & Book Genres like Fantasy, Action, Thriller, etc.)
3 deviants said Color-Buttons (Buttons with the personificated Colors to show ones favorite Color!)
3 deviants said Notepads (A Notepad with Chibis for all the forgetful people like me)
1 deviant said Vocaloid Poster (Vocaloid Posters for now of Miku & Gumi only, in clothes designed by me with the theme of Sweets)
1 deviant said Shingeki no Kyojin Photoprints (One Postcard Photo of every Character from Shingeki no Kyojin)
No deviants said Timetables (For all the students out there a timetable with an Anime & Manga Theme)

Commission Slots

I am drawing the Commissions right now! ^0^ Thank you for the patience uwu

Normal Style
1. Sasori (from Naruto) for Lars PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
2. Casino (Original) for Giordano PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
3. Shiek&Zelda (from the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess) for Lars H. PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
4. Itachi (from Naruto) for Franziska PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
5. Hidan&OC (from Naruto/Original) for Zoe PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist

Chibi Style
1. Yuri&Flynn/Asbel&Richard/Deutschland&Preussen (from ToV/ToG/Hetalia) for NuriNija PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
2. Pink Princess for Amy PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist

PB G.Stars - Starting by Oceannist Starting
PB G.Stars - Sketching by Oceannist Sketching
PB G.Stars - Inking by Oceannist Inking
PB G.Stars - Coloring by Oceannist Coloring
PB G.Stars - Shading by Oceannist Adding Details & Touch-Ups
PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist Finished!

Contact and Conventions

:star: Facebook
:star: Tumblr
:star: Twitter
:star: Pixiv
:star: Animexx
:star: YouTube

:heart: E.A.T. Essener Anime Treff 26/04/14 - 27/04/14
:heart: Japantag: 17/05/14 (Visitor)
:heart: Dokomi: 07/06/14 - 08/06/14
:heart: Contopia: 05/07/14 - 06/07/14
:heart: Animagic: 01/08/14 - 03/08/14 (Vistor) MAYBE
:heart: Gamescom: 13/08/14 - 17/08/14
:heart: Connichi: 12/09/14 - 14/09/14
:heart: Comic Action: 16/10/14 - 19/10/14
:heart: Yukon: 08/11/14 - 09/11/14



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